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Empowerment Speaker – Empowerment Consultant

Empower: To enable individuals through the promotion of knowledge and self-actualization.

Did you know?
Did you know that the single most important ingredient to increased productivity is empowerment? Think about it. Empowered people are the highest performers. They are motivated, efficient, and fully equipped to succeed.

When you empower your people, you provide them with the motivation to improve their performance and give them the tools they need to make this desire a reality. Empowered people are excited to meet challenges, and they have the tools they need to effectively do so.

Choosing a speaker or consultant that will generate results.
So, ask yourself, are you looking for a speaker that will teach your management how to motivate and empower your people for increased productivity? A speaker who will show them how to daily inspire, equip, and lead empowered, highly motivated and successful people?

Today, more than ever before, corporations, government agencies, and associations are facing immense obstacles. That’s why so many organizations are turning to real content speakers and advisors—subject experts who can equip their client audiences to be effective and empowering, enabling them to successfully lead their people and overcome the challenges facing their organization. John Di Frances is such a professional. As an international business expert and consultant with more than thirty years of experience, John addresses the very heart of the complex issues currently facing leaders in the corporate world. He not only delivers motivating and dynamic presentations, but as a empowerment speaker and empowerment consultant, he offers solid values and innovative solutions for effective long-lasting results.

A highly personable style and in-depth content.
Through carefully developed and targeted keynotes, seminars, conferences, and executive retreats, John empowers his audiences. His highly personable style touches both the mind and the heart. With thought-provoking insights, vivid stories, and a frequent dose of humor, he reaches his audiences in a way they do not forget. In this manner, he provides not only instruction and motivation, but also the vision and the resources needed to accelerate productivity and take the organization to the next level. Laying a principle-based foundation, John leads organizations beyond focusing solely upon current issues, to creatively designing and building their future.

Real experience and real credentials.
John’s professional career spans thirty years of global corporate, nonprofit, academic, and government agency experience in senior executive and industry leadership positions. He has authored several books including Reclaiming the Ethical High Ground: Developing Organizations of Character (Reliance Books 2002), Jackbilt A Company: Of Happy, Successful People (Reliance Books 2001), and The Little Book of Big Thoughts to Begin Your Day. His forthcoming book, Radical Leadership, is scheduled for release in 2003. John is the Founder and Managing Partner of DI FRANCES & ASSOCIATES, LLC.

John’s professional memberships have included: American Bar Association, National Speakers Association, Meeting Professionals International, Turnaround Management Association, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, National Contract Management Association, American Defense Preparedness Association, Wisconsin Professional Speakers Association, National Defense Industrial Association, Association of the United States Army, American Petroleum Institute, United States Naval Institute

Empowerment topic and presentation description.
Although John always spends a great deal of time and effort designing each presentation to best fit the needs of his client audience, we offers the following as a generalized empowerment presentation description.

Empowerment That Produces Breakthroughs - No one expects a plumber to fix a sink without tools or a climber to scale a mountain without gear. To require employees to innovate or produce breakthroughs without empowerment is just as absurd.

Empowerment is an essential ingredient for innovation. It is imperative if employees are to be creative, successful and fulfilled. As a recognized authority on organizational innovation, John Di Frances knows what it takes to create an innovative corporate environment that will produce effective breakthroughs. He understands the necessity of empowerment as well as how to develop and foster productive empowerment within a team environment. In this presentation, he will lead your organization through the actions needed to create a successful empowerment strategy, demonstrating how to turn this strategy into genuine innovative breakthroughs.

John's Web Site
If you are looking for a truly experienced empowerment speaker or consultant, who can enable your audience to overcome the greatest challenges they face, then explore the information on this web site to discover more about how John and our organization can help you achieve your specific goals. Take a look and learn why John is the empowerment speaker for you.


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208 E Oak Crest Dr, Suite 200
Wales, WI 53183-9700

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John Di Frances - Empowerment Speaker – Empowerment Consultant

As an empowerment speaker and empowerment consultant: John provides motivating and empowering content.

John Di Frances is an empowerment speaker and empowerment consultant who will not simply deliver a motivational and inspirational empowerment message, but a complete empowering experience. Whether keynotes, conferences, executive retreats, seminars, professional symposiums or other corporate events, John's unique ability to motivate and inspire his audience to creative action will be the highlight of your event. John's years of experience working as an empowerment consultant and professional speaker with corporate business, government agencies and nonprofit foundations enables him to relate to the real world creative opportunities and challenges that your audience faces every day.

Many empowerment speakers and empowerment consultants can motivate and inspire, but that is where their ability ends, because they lack John's solid international business management and executive leadership experience. His presentations go far beyond motivating and inspiring, incorporating his thirty years of “real world” empowerment experience in our ever increasingly competitive global marketplace. John provides his audiences with a comprehensive education in what they need to know to remain competitive. In doing so, he empowers his audiences with the knowledge and tools they require to succeed.

It is for these reasons, that more than twenty speakers bureaus, speakers agencies and speakers agents currently chose to represent him. So whether you are seeking a professional empowerment speaker on leadership, customer service, innovation, synergy change management or a related topic, John Di Frances can make your keynote, conference, corporate retreat, seminar, professional symposium, or corporate event a successful and memorable event that will generate long lasting returns far into the future.

To add even greater value to the results arising from your empowerment event, John is available upon request to provide continuing assistance to your organization in an advisory or consulting capacity. During the past twenty years, John has assisted numerous organizations in this manner, from Fortune 100 corporations to privately held middle market companies, government agencies and nonprofit foundations. These clients have ranged across North America, the U.K., Europe and Asia.

At DI FRANCES & ASSOCIATES, LLC, it is our desire to maximize the value we bring to our clients. Whether through John's empowerment speaking, executive advising and empowerment consulting services or through our affiliate professional partners, we are here to serve you in a manner that will best prosper your organization for the long-term. If you are seeking a empowerment speaker, John Di Frances delivers, having the international business experience, skill, professionalism and concern to ensure a empowerment presentation your audience will not forget. If you require the services of a truly professional empowerment speaker for business events, contact us and John will provide a memorable and meaningful experience.

John Di Frances – Empowerment Speaker – Empowerment Consultant

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